Renee Slinkard Launches Campaign for State Representative

Common-Sense Conservative Runs for Seat Held by Kevin Jones

Renee Slinkard (R-Linn County) launched her campaign for State Representative in the 5th District of Kansas, currently held by Rep. Kevin Jones, who is running for Congress.

In announcing her candidacy, Slinkard – a wife, mother, grandmother, and small business – owner stated she looks to work on spending cuts in the State Government along with transparency and accountability.

“As a taxpayer, I believe our Government tends to forget where the dollars are coming from and spending has gotten out of control. I will fight to rein in state spending, focusing it on core government functions outlined in our Kansas Constitution,” she said.

Renee Slinkard is a common-sense conservative who will stand up for truth in Topeka.

“Our rights and freedoms are constantly under attack, sometimes by well-meaning people who think government can do everything. I am committed to bringing common sense values to our state government.

Growing up in Kansas Renee’s parents taught her early work ethics where she worked part time in her high school years. She earned her Bachelor’s of Business Administration and her Masters of Science in Management from Baker University.

Renee and her husband Don have been married for 48 years; they have two children and four grandchildren. Renee and her husband built a small welding and fabricating business located in Bonner Springs, Kansas where it has been in operation for 35 years. She also has an extensive work career in hospitals and the Veterans Administration as an ultrasound technologist.

As Regent of Marais des Cygnes Chapter of Daughters of American Revolution, Renee volunteers at Commemorative events in honoring our Veterans. She recently was a recipient of an award from the U.S. Department of Defense for her volunteer activities for the 50th Vietnam War Commemorative event ceremony in Miami County Vietnam Moving Wall Memorial event. Renee also promotes awareness of our Constitution by presenting it in schools in a three-county area.

The Republican Primary is August 7th.