Renee Slinkard Earns Key Endorsements

Renee Slinkard, Republican of Linn County, has earned three key endorsements in her race for the Kansas House in District 5 -- Kansans for Life, the Kansas Chamber of Commerce PAC, and the Family Policy Alliance for Kansas.

Kansans for Life is the premier pro-life organization in the State of Kansas. The Kansas Chamber of Commerce PAC fights to support candidates who understand the fundamental role that business plays in the economic health of Kansas and who will promote legislation that lowers the cost of doing business in our great state. The Family Policy Alliance of Kansas is dedicated to electing statesmen who understand that the law is one important way Christians can “seek the welfare of the city” is a priority of Family Policy Alliance of Kansas.

Reacting to the endorsements, Renee said they demonstrate the momentum her campaign has and her commitment to conservative principles.

"As a pro-life, pro-business conservative, I am grateful for these endorsements. The legislature needs consistent conservative champions who will stand up on principle on both economic and social issues, and the support from these fine organizations demonstrate I will be that champion," said Slinkard.

The Republican Primary is August 7th.